Microsoft Excel VBA 1 Week Intensive Course (Special Offer - £895, plus VAT)

Microsoft Excel VBA Training Courses

excel trainingOur Excel VBA 1 Week Intensive Training Course is for anyone about to embark on live projects involving the creation of Excel macros and VBA applications. The course covers introductory, intermediate and advanced topics and aims to equip delegates with the range of skills necessary to start tackling live VBA projects with confidence. Many experienced Excel users rely on using the macro recorder but then struggle to edit and personalise the resulting macros. This course allows users to make the transition from hacking to programming by showing them solid and efficient techniques for writing and editing VBA code.

The course comprises three modules.

Excel VBA Level 1 (1 day)

Excel VBA Level 1

For users new to Excel macros with little or no programming experience. This course aims to familiarise delegates with the core features of Microsoft Excel VBA. At the end of the training, delegates will be able to create and deploy basic macros.

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Excel VBA Level 2 (2 days)

Excel VBA Level 2This course is for users with some experience of Excel Visual Basic programming or who have attended a basic Excel VBA training course.The course provides Excel VBA programmers with a more in-depth knowledge of Excel VBA objects: application, workbooks, worksheets, ranges, and user forms.

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Excel VBA Level 3 (2 days)

Excel VBA Level 3Our Excel VBA training shows experienced Excel VBA programmers how to develop Excel applications and work with VBA advanced objects and concepts. Topics include programming charts and pivot tables and the use of class modules.

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