1 Week Intensive InDesign Training Course

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Our 1 Week IntensiveTraining Course is aimed at those who will be using InDesign extensively and who need to learn as much about the program as quickly as possible.

Adobe InDesign has rapidly become the industry-standard software for page layout and is used to produce any type of publication: single page flyers, brochures, posters, newsletters, magazines and books. The program also includes powerful features for integrating XML into your publishing workflows. Our 1 Week Intensive InDesign Training Course offers comprehensive coverage of all the basic and advanced features of the program. The course comprises:

InDesign Basic Training (2 days)

InDesign Advanced Training (1 day)

InDesign Digital Publishing (2 days)

Course Outline

InDesign Intro-Intermediate (2 days)


Creating and saving a document, The InDesign approach to page -layout, Overview of features, Exploring the interface, Overview of tools, Overview of palettes, Navigating through documents, Zooming in and out, Print Preview and Print

Working with text

Text frames, Importing text, Character formatting, Paragraph formatting, Indentation of text, Working with tabs, Find and replace and Spell-checker, Running text around an image, Creating threads

Master Pages

How master pages work, Creating master pages , Inserting page numbers, Applying master pages, Unlocking master page items


Benefits of using styles, Creating character styles, Creating paragraph styles, Setting parent and child styles, Applying styles, Importing styles, Document and default styles

Working with graphics

Graphic frames, Overview of graphic formats, Importing graphics, Resizing graphics, Cropping graphics, Using the Links palette, Using in-line graphics, Wrapping text around graphics, Using clipping paths


Creating tables, Formatting tables, Imported tab delimited text, Importing Word tables, Importing Excel tables, Filling alternating rows or columns

Page layout

Setting margins, Using a layout grid, Creating custom guides, Multi-columns layouts, Using frame-based columns, Using page-based columns

InDesign Advanced (1 day)

Advanced styles

Combining character and paragraph styles, Using nested styles, Using nested line styles, Applying styles with Find/Change, Working with object styles, Combining table, cell and paragraph styles

Longer documents

Using hierarchical master pages, Creating sections, Creating a table of contents, Creating an index, Using the Book panel, Creating a book list, Synchronising styles and colours, Printing a book list, Exporting a book list as PDF, Page numbering across books


Typographic shortcuts, Using the Single Line Composer, Using the Paragraph Composer, Highlighting composition problems, Creating hanging punctuation, Manual kerning, Using optical kerning, Inserting special characters, Creating drop caps, Hyphenation and justification


Using the drawing tools, Creating freehand shapes, Creating bezier curves, Manipulating shapes, Using the Transform palette, Aligning objects, Using the eye-dropper tool

Special Effects

Placing text on a path, Creating drop shadows, Working with transparency, Exporting transparency, Blend modes, Feathering, Corner effects , Creating multi-colour gradients, Converting text to paths


Automatically generating links, Generating bookmarks, Using the button tool, Button options, Choosing events, Creating web links, Embedding Flash video, Exporting interactive PDFs

Automating workflows

Creating a Library, Creating and editing library items, Sorting and searching Libraries, Working with snippets, Using conditional text, Using data merge, Preparing data files, Data merge options

InDesign CS6 Digital Publishing (2 days)


Digital Publishing Formats, InDesign Workflows, Thinking Digitally, Keeping Up With It All

Interactive Tools

Types of Interactive Elements, Defining Hyperlinks, Creating Cross-References, Creating a Table of Contents (TOC), Working with Bookmarks, Working with Object States, Audio and Video Formats, Working with Audio Files, Movies and Videos, Creating Buttons, Our Favorite Button Effects, Creating PDF Forms, Sample Buttons and Forms


Basic Animation Settings, Playing Animations, Animation Properties, Motion Paths, Timing, Previewing Animations

Layout Controls

Setting Page Sizes, Working with Alternate Layouts, Using Liquid Layout Rules, Using the Content Tools, Linking Items, Linking Styles, Comparing Layouts, Modifying Images and Text within Frames

Tablet Applications

Understanding Digital Publishing Suite Apps, Design and Workflow Considerations, Setting Up Your Document, Interactivity and Digital Overlays, The Folio Builder Panel, Folio Producer, What's Next: Publishing Your App to a Store, Resources

ePubs and HTML

Understanding ePub, Preparing Files: Creating Reading Order, Preparing Files: Using Styles, Preparing Files: Managing Graphics, Managing Document Pages, Export Options for ePub, Proofing and Validating ePubs, Going Under the Hood, Evolving ePubs, InDesign and HTML Export, Preparing Files for HTML Export, Export Options for HTML

Exporting PDF and SWF

PDF Workflow, PDF Export, Setting Accessibility Controls for PDF Files, Image Handling, Security, Setting the General SWF Options, Setting the Advanced SWF Options, Exporting FLA Files, Page Transitions, Exporting Animations into a PDF

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