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This is a practical, hands-on course for developers with experience of XML wishing to focus on the use of XSLT and XPath.
Duplication& Iteration
  The <xsl:copy-of> Instruction Element
The <xsl:copy> Instruction Element
The <xsl:for-each> Instruction Element
The <xsl:sort> Element
The <xsl:if> Instruction Element
The <xsl:choose> Instruction Element
The <xsl:number> Instruction Element
Controlling Output
  The Output Method
Outputting XML
Outputting HTML
Outputting Text
Using a QName Output Method
Media Types
  The XPath Data Model
Location Paths
Attribute Value Templates
XPath Datatypes
The XPath View of an XML Document
XPath and XSLT functions
  Boolean Functions
Node-Set Functions
Number Functions
String Functions
  Template Priority
Calling a Named Template
Using Templates with Parameters
Built-in Template Rules
Using Variables and Parameters
  Defining Variables and Parameters
Using Variables
Using Parameters
Invoking Templates with Parameters
Using Result Tree Fragments
Using Keys
  A Simple Key
More Than One Key
Using a Parameter with Keys
Cross-Referencing with Keys
Grouping with Keys
Working with Multiple Documents
  Including Stylesheets
Importing Stylesheets
Using the document( ) Function
Creating Links and Cross-References
  Generating Links with the id() Function
Generating Links with the key() Function
Generating Links in Unstructured Documents