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Our Advanced PHP training course is suitable for experienced PHP developers and offers an insight into advanced PHP programming concepts, e-commerce, object oriented programming, image generation, the manipulation of PDF files and the use of XML.

Advanced PHP Programming

Code Structure and Documentation
Function Recursion and Static Variables
References and Functions
PERL-Compatible Regular Expressions

Basic OO Programming

Defining a Class
Creating an Object
Creating Constructors
Object Inheritance
Using Class Functions Without Instances
Serializing Objects
Destroying Objects

Developing Web Applications

Catching Exceptions
Using PEAR's HTML_QuickFOrm
Modularizing a Web Site
Error Logging and Reporting
Browser Detection

Database concepts

Database Design and Normalization
Storing Sessions in a Database
Storing BLOBs in a Database
Using Prepared Statements
Database Encryption
Working with Bound Variables


Validating Forms
Validating Forms with JavaScript
Encryption with Mcrypt
HTTP Authentication
Web Server Security
Shared Server Security
Encorporating Captcha with PEAR
Using PEAR Auth

Advanced OO Programming

Access Control


Creating the Database Administration
Showing the Products Online
Writing a Shopping Cart
Handling Commerical Transactions

Image generation

Creating a Simple Image
Using TrueType Fonts
Creating a Database-Driven Graph
Saving and Building on Existing Images

Creating PDFs

Creating a Simple PDF
Adding Text to PDFs
Drawing Shapes
Using Images
Creating Multiple-Page PDFs


What is XML?
XML Syntax
Document Type Definitions
Parsing XML With PHP
XML Error Handling

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