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We offer a range of courses on Adobe InDesign, suitable for beginners and advanced users alike. We run scheduled, tutor-led InDesign training courses at our central London training centre, and we can also organise in-house InDesign training anywhere in the UK.

InDesign on-site training

If you need to train a number of people on Adobe InDesign, and have a dedicated training room or a conference room which can be used for training, we can provide you with customised training on any version of Adobe InDesign for up to 12 users, at a competitive flat rate.

    1 day 695
    2 days 1,295
    3 days 1,795
    4 days 2,395
    5 days 2,750

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InDesign 1 Week Intensive Course

Adobe InDesign VBA Training Courses in London

Our 1 Week IntensiveTraining Course is aimed at those who will be using InDesign extensively and who need to learn as much about the program as quickly as possible.

Adobe InDesign has rapidly become the industry-standard software for page layout and is used to produce any type of publication: single page flyers, brochures, posters, newsletters, magazines and books. The program also includes powerful features for integrating XML into your publishing workflows. Our 1 Week Intensive InDesign Training Course offers comprehensive coverage of all the basic and advanced features of the program. The course comprises:

InDesign Basic Training (2 days)

InDesign Advanced Training (1 day)

InDesign Digital Publishing (2 days)

Basic Adobe InDesign Training Courses

Adobe InDesign Training Courses in London

Adobe InDesign training coursesOur introduction to InDesign training course gives a thorough grounding in how the program approaches page layout tasks and the use of the tools and panels. You will learn to create and import text, add graphics to a page, wrap text around images and embedded clipping paths, use master pages to add headers and footers to your documents and use paragraph and character styles to maintain consistency in longer documents. By the end of this InDesign training course, delegates should feel confident about using InDesign to create brochures, newsletters, reports, fliers and other similar publications.

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Advanced Adobe InDesign Training Courses

Adobe InDesign VBA Training Courses in London

Our Advanced InDesign training course offers experienced users InDesign training on how to create more complex page layouts, work with longer documents and use eye-catching special effects. Deletgates will learn how to work with nested master pages, create books containing multiple InDesign documents, create indexes, table of contents and other lists. The course also covers the creation of interactive documents which include hyperlinks, page transitions and animation.

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Adobe InDesign Digital Publishing Training

Adobe InDesign Training Courses in London

Our InDesign Digital Publishing training course is aimed at experienced InDesign users who need to create digital documents for multiple devices using InDesign CS6's new layout features such as Alternate Layouts, Liquid Layout Rules, and the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS). Delegates will learn to create interactive elements such as hyperlinks, buttons, and forms and how to package and publish content as tablet apps and epub files.

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InDesign JavaScript Training

Adobe InDesign Training Courses in London

Our InDesign Scripting training course shows users how to automate InDesign page layout tasks using JavaScript. Although InDesign scripts can also be created using Visual Basic (Windows only) or AppleScript (Macintosh only), JavaScript has the adavantage of being cross platform. The course is aimed at experienced users of InDesign and assumes little or no programming experience. It provides basic JavaScript training and shows users how to automate InDesign processes and workflows.

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About Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is a sophisticated page layout program which ousted QuarkXPress as the industry standard in page layout. It integrates well with Adobe Photoshop,Acrobat and Illustrator and has an impressive range of features. Adobe InDesign can be bought singly (for around £600, plus VAT ) or as part of one of The Adobe Creative Suite.

Downloading the InDesign 30 day trial version

Adobe offer a trial version of InDesign. It can be downloaded at the following URL:

The InDesign tryout version is fully functional but expires after 30 days.

Adobe InDesign has become the standard in page layout design.  This layout program is compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat and allows users to lay out brochures, flyers, magazine pages, newsletters and more.

We offer training courses for beginner to advanced students interested in learning Adobe InDesign. Training is available at our facility in London or at your own office or at your home in approved areas. Students can choose from Microsoft courses, Web courses and DTP courses.
InDesign training beginner courses cover the basics such as the use of tool and panels, how to import text or create text and how to add graphics to a page.  Students will learn how to wrap images around text and should be able to create their own layouts by the end of the course. 

Advanced InDesign students learn how to put together more complex layouts and the addition of special effects.  MacResource also offers students the ability to learn InDesign with XML which covers how to use the two for InDesign workflows.  And InDesign scripting is a course offered to the advanced student that instructs on how to automate layout tasks. 

InDesign students are typically interested in a career in design and layout.  Graphic designers who come to our London training center can learn how to take their graphic expertise and turn it into an entire piece of artwork with layout designs that would wow any editor.  Taking artwork, adding text, creating effects are all part of creating an eye pleasing piece of work.  Where once QuarkXpress was the standard in the industry, InDesign has taken the title.  It just shows how technology is constantly evolving and to be abreast of these changes is highly beneficial to anyone who wants to grow with technology and the world.

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