Dreamweaver Training Courses

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introduction to Dreamweaver (2 days)

Adobe Dreamweaver Training Courses in London and UK wide
Course outline

Dreamweaver training: IntroductionDreamweaver for beginners... Our Dreamweaver Intro-Intermediate teaches Dreamweaver beginners everything they need to know in order to create a basic web site and make it live. Although this is not formal HTML training, you will gain a basic familiarity with HTML and CSS.

(Looking for Dreamweaver CS5 or CS4 for beginners? This course is fine. We use Dreamweaver CS6 on our courses but we'll show you the differences.)

Dreamweaver Advanced (1 day)

Adobe Dreamweaver Training Courses in London and UK wide
Course outline

Dreamweaver training: AdvancedOur Dreamweaver Advanced course will show you how to add more complexity and interactivity to your web pages by using CSS, JavaScript behaviors and Spry and jQuery widgets. The course also covers the advanced use of templates, site management and testing.

Dreamweaver HTML5, jQuery and Mobile Apps (2 days)

Adobe Dreamweaver Training Courses in London and UK wide
Course outline

This course shows how to use Dreamweaver's rich visual interface to develop sites using HTML 5, CSS3 and JQuery. Delegates will learn how Dreamweaver can be used to create sites that function on a wide range of devices and how to build mobile apps for iOS and Android, using JQuery and the open-source PhoneGap framework. A basic familiarity with Dreamweaver and general web development concepts is assumed.

Dreamweaver 1 Week Special (5 days)

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Dreamweaver training: 1 Week SpecialOur Crash Course in Dreamweaver is for anyone about to embark on live projects involving web design in Dreamweaver or those training for Dreamweaver webmaster role. This five day crash course consists of taking the three levels of training back-to-back as a one week course.

Dreamweaver On-site Training
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We can offer you customised on-site Dreamweaver training from £695 plus VAT, per day, for up to 12 users; customised in-house Dreamweaver courses, wherever you are in the UK: Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, East Sussex, Essex, Humberside, Kent, Lancashire, Merseyside, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, North Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire, Somerset, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Suffolk, Surrey, Warwickshire, West Midlands, West Sussex, West Yorkshire, Avon, Cleveland, Hertfordshire, Cumbria, Tyne And Wear, Hampshire, Greater Manchester, Devon, Northumberland, Cornwall, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Durham, Greater London, Buckinghamshire...

About Dreamweaver

Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Dreamweaver has established itself as the best web-site creation and management software tools around: the package every web site designer should know.

Using an intuitive visual interface, it enables the user to create sophisticated web pages containing HTML, dynamic HTML and Javascript. Dreamweaver also allows developers to add interactive content to web pages through the use of server technologies such as Active Server Pages (ASP), ASP.Net, ColdFusion and PHP4.

Dreamweaver Trial Version

If you do not own a copy of Dreamweaver and are not ready or able to buy it, you can download a fully functional version of the product from Adobe's web site at the following URL:


Dreamweaver Training, What You Can Expect

Free basic tutorials can be found on the web for Dreamweaver training. These tutorials are free until you come to the more advanced sections like site control. After that, to use the tutorials, you must pay a fee and subscribe to the website. Some of the websites offer exercise files that you can download. For the videos, closed captioning can be selected.

In general, the tutorials are broken up in the following manner.

Getting started which includes the information on coding and scripting listed above. The videos do go into greater detail about the different types of coding and scripts such as what they do and why they are important to your website.

The next lesson is for the user interface of Dreamweaver. Setting up your workspace is the first topic. As with any other program there is a welcome screen that appears. This areas goes into greater detail on differences in the interface between Windows and Mac. Next is the description and usage for the insert bar, property inspector, document toolbar and window, panels and panel groups, saving the layouts and defining a default browser.

Site control is next. Within this section learning file and folder management is taught. You will also begin to understand the path structure, how to add to your site and creating a sitemap.

Creating a new blank site, creating and saving new documents, about doctype, adding images and text, the alignment of images and text along with inserting meta tags can be found in the sections titled Document Basics.

To learn the basics of creating links, look for the section titled Linking. In this section you will be taught how to create with point to file, external and email links, named anchors, linking to files and image maps.

Training sections about CSS essentials provides a brief introduction to CSS. It then goes on to discuss the anatomy of CSS style sheets, CSS and page properties and how to move internal to external file sheets. Also covered in this section are style panels and what is known as selectors.

Sections named typography contain information on how to format the text within the page to achieve the desired results.

Adding tables and formatting them is next on the list.

Then are the instructions for Layout. This section talks about layout tools, tracing images, how to add AP div tags and working with layout tables.

Designing pages to work with devices such as printers is important.

Going in order from the basics to creating your website is the goal of these tutorials. Just a few sections are listed here. There are at least 10 more areas to be covered when starting this training so, it is quiet extensive and time consuming.


Dreamweaver training: Introduction